Anti-ageing Consultation
Complete medical consultation focused on early disease detection, metabolic stress and control of age-related disorders that can include genetic testing for cancer and other conditions.
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Aesthetic Treatments
Advanced non-surgical treatments focused on rejuvenation of conditions like skin laxity, wrinkles, sun damage, scars, moles, excess fat, cellulite, skin discoloration and thread veins.
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Vaser Liposuction
Minimally invasive liposuction technology (VaserLipo®) to eliminate fat. In the same Vaser procedure there is the possibility of fat transfer to specific areas to enhance the contour of the body.
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Vaginal Rejuvenation
Painless laser procedure to treat vaginal laxity and stress incontinence, in addition to Dr Zafra's signature technique to improve intimate health.
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Dr Zafra delivers a unique medical consultation focussed in Anti-Ageing and Aesthetics. He combines his experience in General Practice with the most advanced tests and procedures to plan a strategic method of improvement, maintenance and restoration of health and natural beauty of each individual.


Aesthetic treatments have the aim to improve the cosmetic appearance by reducing blemishes. The art of aesthetic medicine is to recognise the underlying defect and choose the most specific treatment. The aesthetic procedures carried out by Dr Zafra are non-surgical and only uses carefully selected medical devices of the highest quality and approved for their purpose.


Ageing is a natural process that is linked to beauty, since it is a characteristic that causes attraction and feeling of well-being. In an Anti-Ageing consultation Dr Zafra applies the medical knowledge of general practice with advanced tests including genetic testing to prevent the onset of age related conditions which results in restoring and maintaining our well-being.

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Muscle Relaxing Injections
Dermal Fillers
Laser Resurfacing
Vaser Liposuction
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